The most unique aspect of the program is that of transport. The success of the program rises and falls on the ability to provide and organize transport for pupils to insure access to music centers. In 1998 a South African television program wanted to make a short insert showcasing the emerging violinists in Bloemfontein. This prompted the program to organize the pupils into an ensemble to practice for the television event. Peter Guy collected the pupils on a Saturday morning with a small bakkie, pick-up truck and took them to the Free State Musicon for three hours of practice. This was the beginning of the Bochabela String Orchestra. Over time, due to the number of pupils who joined the orchestra, the bakkie was replaced by a small 16 seat bus, which was replaced by the present two 30 seat busses, as well as a 15 seat bus and a small car. All of which are vital in collecting pupils from their schools and transporting them to the Musicon for afternoon tuition. These same vehicles then return the kids to points close to their homes.

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